The RooSport Pouch – a strapless accessory for your running necessities

While at the runDisney Expo during the 2014 Princess Half Marathon weekend, I was stopped by a gentleman selling running pouches.  Now, I’m not the kind of person who wants you to come up to me to me about your product.  If I have a question, I’ll let you know.  More often than not I don’t intend to purchase anything.

However, in this case I actually listened to the retailer’s spiel for the RooSport, a strapless pouch designed to hold your small possessions during a run or fitness activity.  Yes, I already had a pouch for my phone which was more like a running fanny pack, but not to get personal, sometimes these races are too early in the morning and I just can’t have anything extra pressing on my bladder.

the RooSport pouch

the RooSport pouch

The RooSport attaches to your pants using two very strong magnets.  It contains two compartments: a large, unsealable area for your phone complete with small hole for your earbuds to connect and a small zipper area for money, ID, or keys.  To attach the pouch to your pants, place the zipper compartment inside towards your body and the small magnetic flap over the top of your pants.  The magnets will be strong enough to support your necessities and stay secure while you run.

a large compartment for your phone, and a small one for your money

a large compartment for your phone, and a small one for your money



Having to be in our corrals by 5a.m. the following two days, I decided to spend the $25 and see how far it would get me.  I used the RooSport on both my 10K race and my half marathon.  What I noticed is that with looser fitting shorts, I had to place the pouch against my stomach or else my bubble butt jostled it around too much.  When I wore form fitting shorts, I was able to place the pouch at the small of my back and it held steady the entire race.  Once I had the pouch secured in the proper places, I didn’t even notice I was wearing it.  Heavenly!  As to be expected, the material was a bit damp after my runs and so was my cash, but that didn’t bother me.  If you’re worried about anything getting too wet with this pouch (or any pouch for that matter), you can purchase small resealable plastic bags to safeguard you items.  There is even a small size bag that will fit phones perfectly.  I believe it is 2.5”x3.5” and can be found at Walmart (or so I was told).  The rep for RooSport even gave me a baggie for the race weekend since rain was forecasted.  It didn’t rain, but the baggie worked like a charm keeping my phone protected from my sweaty body.

I can’t say enough positive comments about this lightweight RooSport pouch.  I may even bring it to Europe the next time I travel too!  Why designate this clever contraption solely for athletic endeavors?  But since a trip like that isn’t in my near future, I’ll continue to wear this pouch when I go running or to the gym.

For more information or to order your own RooSport pouch, visit their website at

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