“Must Tread List” – Races I must run before my legs collapse

I’ve figured out my ultimate dream job.  It is hands down the number one method I would like to make money, or at the very least, it’s a way to drive the expenses of my costly hobby.  I would like to get paid to run!  No, I am not being facetious.  Some lucky bloggers in the blogosphere get their race entries and expenses paid for, and in return they write in depth synopses of the events.

Yes, just 100%, yes.  Sign me up!  Running and writing are my favorite two “r” words (hey, the W is silent).

Race entry fees and traveling costs eat away at your hard earned savings especially when you aim to do multiple out-of-state races in the same year.  Right now I’m saving up for two destination races in the Fall.  I love running; I especially love running organized races.  If I could, I would travel across the country running in as many events throughout the year.  One race a weekend for 52 straight weeks- why not?  It would be interesting to compare the terrain throughout the states since I’ve run mainly flat courses.  Which event draws the biggest crowd, has the best expo, is the most organized, or is worth the price?  A girl can certainly dream.

Thanks to Facebook, I have joined multiple virtual running clubs in which we share our thoughts on upcoming events, training tips, and goals.  Many of the races discussed in the groups sound amazing, but due to distance and expenses it might be years before I can run any of them.

I’ve compiled a list of the current races on my “Must Tread List”.  I’ve included some I’ve already done but I would continue to run as often as possible.

1. Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, Dopey Challenge – Lake Buena Vista, FL – Completed – http://www.rundisney.com/disneyworld-marathon/

2. Walt Disney World Princess Glass Slipper Challenge -Lake Buena Vista, FL – Completed – http://www.rundisney.com/princess-half-marathon/

3. Walt Disney World Wine and Dine -Lake Buena Vista, FL – Completed – http://www.rundisney.com/wine-and-dine-half-marathon/

4. Disneyland Half Marathon – Anaheim, CA – Completed – http://www.rundisney.com/disneyland-half-marathon/

5. Tower of Terror 10 Miler – Lake Buena Vista, FL – Completed – http://www.rundisney.com/tower-of-terror-10-miler/

6. Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare -Anaheim, CA – http://www.rundisney.com/disneyland-half-marathon/

7. Tinker Bell Half Marathon – Anaheim, CA – http://www.rundisney.com/tinker-bell-half-marathon/

8. Avengers Half Marathon -Anaheim, CA- http://www.rundisney.com/avengers-half-marathon/

9. Marine Corps Marathon -Washington DC/Arlington, VA – http://www.marinemarathon.com/

10. Boston Marathon – Boston, MA – http://www.baa.org/

11. New York Marathon – New York, NY – http://www.tcsnycmarathon.org/

12. Peachtree Road Race – Atlanta, GA – http://www.peachtreeroadrace.org/

13. Beat the Blerch Half Marathon – Carnation, WA – http://www.beattheblerch.com/

14. Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Nashville – Nashville, TN – http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/nashville

15. Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Liverpool – Liverpool, United Kingdom – http://uk.competitor.com/liverpool

16. Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Savannah – Savannah, GA – http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/savannah

(Ok, it’s safe to assume I want to do ALL of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series races!)

17. Women’s Running Series St. Petersburg – St. Pete, FL – http://womensrunning.competitor.com/st-petersburg

18. The Flight of the Vampire 5K – Brevard, NC (in Transylvania County!) – http://www.brevardrotary.org/Blank.html

19. Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon – Anchorage, Alaska – http://www.goseawolves.com/SportSelect.dbml?SPID=145508&SPSID=865211

20. Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon – Sonoma, CA – http://destinationraces.com/runn2s/

21. Boston’s Run to Remember – Boston, MA – http://www.bostonsruntoremember.com/boston/index.html

22. Brewer’s Mini Marathon – Milwaukee, WI – http://www.race-brewers.com/race-info

23. Southern Fried Half Marathon – Nags Head, NC – http://www.obxmarathon.org/race-info/southern-fried-half.htm

24. Run the Bluegrass – Lexington, KY – http://www.runthebluegrass.org/

Do you have favorite races not listed above?  I’d love hear about them!

WDW Marathon - my first 26.2

2013 WDW Marathon – my first 26.2

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11 Responses to “Must Tread List” – Races I must run before my legs collapse

  1. kelsnsher says:

    I just ran the Run the Bluegrass Half this past weekend!!! Tough course but beautiful if it’s not pourin on ya the whole time lol. Also I lived in Brevard for a summer so didn’t run the Vampire 5k but can attest to the beautiful surroundings of that one as well.

    • 365krisbits says:

      Oh man! I hate it when it rains during a race! Hope you could enjoy the surrounds a little bit! I visited friends in Brevard a couple years ago and fell in love! I feel like it’s a necessity to run a Halloween themed race in a county named Transylvania! haha

      Do you have any other races on the horizon?

  2. d20girl says:

    Wine & Dine is an amazingly fun race! My favorite runDisney race by far! And you might want to look into the Space Coast half & full. Great course and gorgeous medals!

    • 365krisbits says:

      Thanks! I will definitely look into Space Coast for a future race. I definitely wish I had run that when I lived in Florida, but I never mind a trip back home. =)

  3. Samantha W. says:

    After checking a few of the WDW races off my list this year (I took advantage while on my internship in FL!) I’m hoping to be able to make the trip to the West Coast in 2015…although as I read more and more blogs I’m add more and more races to my bucket list!

    • 365krisbits says:

      I’d love to do Tinker Bell! I definitely need to get back out to Disneyland for another race. When I ran the Disneyland Half I was extremely sick so I really couldn’t enjoy the race itself. I highly recommend getting out there because you run through the Angels’ stadium which is pretty amazing if you like baseball.

  4. Jen says:

    A few of these are on my bucket list too. I wouldn’t mind writing reviews in exchange for free race entries, but I’m pretty sure those folks have to pay their own travel expenses most of the time, so unless it’s a local race, you’re still shelling out bucks. What FB running groups are you in? I’ve been looking for some decent ones. The one I used to be a part of got too insane.

    • 365krisbits says:

      I’m apart of the Dopey Challege group, RFRT/MCM, Marine Corps Marathon, Glass Slipper Challenge. I’m looking for a few more non-race related too, but I haven’t had much time to search very hard to be quite honest.

      I’m definitely adding any NIKE run onto my list. I just found out that Firemen in suits hand out Tiffany’s pendants to the finishers. I really don’t think I need any more incentive than that. Have you ever run a NIKE race?

  5. Charlotte says:

    Big Sur International Marathon – Big Sur, CA 🙂

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