Healthy Body, Happy Feet

If you’re an athlete like me, more specifically a runner, you’re probably proud of the changes you’ve noticed to your body since beginning your workout routine.  Though I’ve always been muscular, no cardio machine has ever been able to reshape my body in the same way that running has.  My stomach lost some of its love (handles), my rear shrank (though I will always be curvy), and my legs tightened all around.  Everything fell into the right places and I was ever so proud of my athletic appearance.

The only thing that worsened in appearance was, you guessed it, my feet!  Running definitely takes a toll on your precious tooties and, if you’re like me, you can’t afford weekly pedicures to keep them looking in tip top shape.  I’ve been fortunate enough never to have lost any toenails on my runs, but blisters and rough skin have become my worst enemies.

What do I do to keep my feet looking their best while I put them through daily hell?

A. I bought proper fitting sneakers.  For more on that visit my previous post.  Take this first step before taking your first steps..

B. I wear anti-blister socks.  I love, love, love Feetures and Nike.  You can buy Feetures at any running store.  No where on the packaging does it mention anti-blister, but if you ask a sales associate, they will inform you Feetures socks provide that, ahem, feature.  The Nike socks I found in a Nike Outlet store in Orlando, FL (off of 535 near the 536 intersection).  These socks were harder for me to find. I’m not sure if it’s because not all stores carried them or if they were wildly popular and sold out most places.  In any case, these Nike socks do say “anti-blister” on the packaging.  Since the Feetures are more readily available, I would probably just recommend going with those.  Since the very first use of these anti-blister socks, my feet have had very little issues with friction.  That is a true blessing when running any distance.

Feetures socks come in multiple colors (from

Feetures socks come in multiple colors (from

C.  This is a big one and is actually what inspired this post- I use Aquaphor Healing Ointment on my feet nightly.  When I was a gymnast, my mom introduced me to this ointment to help repair my grotesquely callused hands.  In hospitals, Aquaphor is used to treat burns and irritation, but at home, it can remedy any of your chapped, irritated skin needs.  This is why I choose to use slather it on my feet, cover them in socks, and let them heal as I sleep.  Not to mention, i also use it on my hands and lips.



Aquaphor is fragrance-free, dye-free, and preservative-free making it a great product for sensitive skin.  Why use this over other ointments such as petrolium-jelly?  I’m pulling this information directly from their website so you get the most accurate idea  Aquaphor “creates a semi-occlusive barrier on the skin, which creates an ideal healing environment that enables the flow of water and oxygen.”  It has a low number of ingredients, which adds to its popularity.

To save money, I once bought a pharmacy’s equivalent to Aquaphor because it was buy one get one free, and I’m all about free.  I will never purchase a value brand again.  The consistency is not the same.  The value brand seemed greasy and not as thick.  It felt more like a lotion, but Aquaphor is definitely not a lotion.  Both were fragrance free, but I wasn’t as satisfied with the result of the value brand.  I suggest spending the extra dollar or so on the real Aquaphor.  The difference in healing is worth the difference in change.

Keep your feet happy.  Where proper socks and sneakers, and, at night, grab an old pair of socks and slather on that Aquaphor.  You’re feet will thank you! (So will anyone who rubs them…)

My happy feet in runDisney socks!

My happy feet in runDisney socks!

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