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The Runner vs. runner

My gut tells me this post will be exceptionally controversial.  After all, no one who runs wants to consider themselves a jogger, or at the very least, not a runner.  But the truth is, all who run aren’t necessarily runners.  … Continue reading

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Looking for a quaint race close to Disney? Look no further!

Another town, another race.  It seems that everywhere you look these days a new Half Marathon springs up, which isn’t surprising given the increase in running popularity.  Forget making the cheerleading squad or football team.  These days, all the cool … Continue reading

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30 Day Squat Challenge

Trends seem to always grace Pinterest and us intense Pinners jump on the bandwagon with the latest craze.  In the Spring of 2013, it seemed to be that everyone was completing a 30 challenge of some sort.  I chose the … Continue reading

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Narragansett Half Marathon- Easton, MA

I, for one, hate the heat so when it comes to summer running I prefer to log my miles on the “dreadmill” where I can stay (somewhat) cool. I ran my first summer (ok, late Spring) half marathon in Gloucester, … Continue reading

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