Looking for a quaint race close to Disney? Look no further!

Another town, another race.  It seems that everywhere you look these days a new Half Marathon springs up, which isn’t surprising given the increase in running popularity.  Forget making the cheerleading squad or football team.  These days, all the cool kids run races- at least Facebook makes us think so.  Ten years ago, none of my friends ran.  Now, I can’t go a single day without seeing a minimum of ten posts about running on social media.  And haven’t you heard?  A race tech tee is the new Letterman jacket.  C’mon, aren’t you just a bit intimidated by those Boston Marathoners wearing their coveted windbreakers?  I know I am!

I admit, I’ve been sucked into the racing trend, though I’d to think I actually caught it on the rise.  How do I determine that?  I used to be able to register for runDisney races months after registration opened.  Now, If you’re not sitting at your computer prior to noon on registration day, you don’t have a chance of securing a bib unless through a charity team or travel agency.  I definitely jumped on the rolling bandwagon whether I meant to or not.

While I do recommend every runner participate in at least one larger organized run, such as runDisney or The Rock n’ Roll series, community runs can be just as enticing.  Will you be in the Central Florida area January 25, 2015?  I highly recommend signing up for the Town of Celebration Half Marathon or Marathon.  While I did not run the inaugural race in 2014, I did live in Celebration for eight years and I ran those streets on a daily basis.

If you aren’t familiar with the town, let me pique your interest.  Celebration sits on land owned by The Walt Disney Company.  With Michael Eisner’s persistence, building began with Walt’s vision in mind for a central downtown full of shops, restaurants and businesses, and homes in the outlying areas separated into villages, or neighborhoods.  The strategy was to ensure a community feel with various size and style homes occupying the same neighborhood.  It’s not surprising to find condo units sitting adjacent to a a five-bedroom Colonial.  Weaving through the neighborhoods and swamp lands are various bike paths/walking trails for residents to enjoy.  Though TWDC no longer owns the town of Celebration, the town still is required to match Disney’s level of aesthetics and cleanliness making for a very picturesque Pleasantville type of town.

downtown Celebration during the Sunday Farmer's Market

downtown Celebration during the Sunday Farmer’s Market

IMG_0021 IMG_0098

Yes, I am extremely fond of my Central Florida “hometown”.  I wish I were raised there.  I wish I could pack in my pocket and take it with me wherever I moved.  It wasn’t until I moved there that I actually began going for walks.  South Florida didn’t offer the same small town charm so walking never enticed me.  But from the moment I slapped down roots in Celebration, I began taking daily walks around the town, sometimes twice a day.  Walks turned into runs, and I am happy to see the town opening itself up for races so everyone can enjoy the view.

Here’s a little information about the 2015 race presented by Raw Threads (yes, that awesome apparel you’ve grown to love at runDisney Expos!).

Date: January 25, 2015

Choose between the Half Marathon or Marathon

Prices: rolling price increases- sign up by July 31st for $65 (Half) / $75 (Full)

The course is FLAT and scenic!!!

This course is a Boston Qualifier.

For more information or to register, please visit www.celebrationmarathon.com/.

Also be sure to check out Raw Threads for some great new race gear! http://rawthreads.com/

Hope to see you there!

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