Even a small change can be a catalyst

I hate to say it but over the last few months I’ve somewhat let myself go.  Nothing dramatic of course, but with deciding to move back to Florida and still trying to find a real job, I’ve been less inclined to run and more inclined to pick up that french fry.  I know, I know. I’m making excuses, the one thing I’ve preached not to do in the past.

We all cope with stress and depression differently.  I eat less and run more when I’m stressed, but eat more and run less when I’m depressed. My too-tough-to-button jeans reveal I’ve been depressed rather than stressed, mainly about moving back to my home state after only seven months.  I’ve been looking for the chance to grow and be the girl in my dreams for so long that when I decided to fall back into the safety-net of the sunshine state, I thought I’d slip further and further away from the possibilities of an exciting future.  I thought I’d revert to being the girl who dreams but never does.

I’ve had an epiphany recently (or maybe it’s just that I’m surrounded by great friends), and I’m getting back to feeling like myself.  I’ll make it out of here one day but for now I’ll embrace my life.  The cooler weather has blasted into Central Florida leaving me rejuvenated and wanting to take morning runs.  I even ran a half marathon a couple weeks ago, the Wine and Dine at Disney, and felt great afterwards. That wasn’t something I was expecting since I haven’t been my own motivator for a few months.  It left me realizing that I need to take my reinvention one step at a time.

As I slowly transform into a better version of myself, I realize that it’s a day to day operation. Yesterday, I decided to incorporate more water into my life.  Science and my thirst buds (are those a thing?) differ on the daily recommended liquid intake.  I’m known only to drink when I’m thirsty, which isn’t very often.  It’s quite common for me to skip drinks even when I’m eating meals.  In hopes of stopping my unconscious grazing, I set a goal to drink four 26oz bottles of water a day, one before each meal and then an extra thrown in for good measure (waist measure, that is).  I easily accomplished that and actually could have drank more if I wasn’t afraid of being up every hour of the night to use the bathroom.  Apparently I needed that much water because I slept through the night!

I’m on my second bottle this morning, halting the fake-hunger-causing-thirst in its tracks.  Next week, I’ll pick up my running game again.  I can’t be beat by two Thanksgiving feasts in one week (Friendsgiving- it’s a thing).  And soon I’ll add my weight training back into the mix too.  Usually, I’m one who leaps right into a health makeover full force, but this time I’ll slow it down.  I’ll let my body be my guide.

After only one day of the slightest change, I’m feeling hopeful.  I have to get through the holidays and a trip to Germany but the future looks bright.  I have to run the Dopey Challenge in January, fit into a bridesmaid dress in March, and run hills for my Marine Corps Marathon training (Oorah!).  For all of those reasons, I have to revert to my old health-aware self, but there’s one BIG reason I have to do this: me.  I’m not me without my sanity!

You don’t have to wait to the new year to make a change.  Start now.  Make a pact with yourself and learn to listen to your body.  Sign up for a Turkey Trot, drink water, incorporate green smoothies into your life.  Whatever you choose, start simple.  You know you best.

 Found on lean-green-and-healthy.blogspot.com

Found on lean-green-and-healthy.blogspot.com

Happy Thanksgiving!

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