How do you succeed in reaching your fitness goals?

Fitness was the one thing I could control growing up, and to date, it’s the only relationship I find I can commit to.  I do it all – the running, the salads, the early morning wake-up calls – because my body is the single constant feature that makes me proud to be who I am.  I do it for me, all for me – every single selfish morsel – because I can.  I am in charge of my body: the choices I make, how I feel, and what I accomplish.

My gymnastics coaches trained us by using a very military-style regime.  We feared their wrath if we were late for practice.  We loathed the extra hour tacked on to summer practices because it meant pure conditioning (think grueling cardio and strength training).  We knew that when they threatened to start the counting over because someone gave up too soon on ab exercises, they truly meant it. How do you think I had eight pack abs at 11 years old?  “80-81-82- Oh, Tanya dropped her legs to the ground. 1-2-3…”

This hardcore relationship dominated my formative years.  When it comes to my own views on training twenty years later, I’m still in the same mindset.  It’s all I know. I’m numb to the reality that some people just don’t succeed with tough love.  I’m sure less than ninety-nine percent of people who set goals never grew up with a “Sergeant Cyndi” figure head pushing them hard to succeed.

I’ve become my coach.  This take no prisoners mindset works well for me and my accomplishments, but it may not work for you.

Thanks to a beautiful friend who made me realize my narrow views on the pursuit of healthy living may be taken as harsh or judgmental (though I swear I don’t judge), I decided to reach out to you all for your stories.

I’m looking for inspirational people to feature on the blog!  Did you set a health/fitness goal?  How did you reach it?

If you want to share your story, email me for more details at

Let’s get this motivation going.  What worked for you may work for someone else.  And really, isn’t that what this is all about?


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