I’m Kristin.


I can’t sing or act.  I’m smart but not superhuman intelligent.  I’ll never pen a literary masterpiece or win a Nobel Prize.  One thing of which I am extraordinarily confident is that I am an athlete, and a damn good one.

I tend to do handstands everywhere

I spent the majority of my youth as a competitive gymnast, dedicating my time and energy to winning state, regional, and national titles.  Somehow I also made time to play in a city soccer league for all of those years.  I skied the mountains of New England and Colorado on family vacations, and began taking ice hockey lessons for fun.  I joined a competitive cheerleading team in high school (if you don’t know, competitive cheerleading IS a sport – have you seen their crazy routines on ESPN?).  I even ran track for one meet, but realized, while I loved sprinting, I hated training with distance running.

Now, fifteen years after I quit track, I have run countless 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons, as well as four full marathons.

Inaugural Dopey Challenge 2014

Inaugural Dopey Challenge 2014

I’ve grown immensely as an athlete over the years and now I want to help others find their inner athlete as well.  This blog aims to assist in living a healthy lifestyle focusing on nutrition, fitness, and inspiration.  Follow me on this journey!  Sign up to receive email notifications when I’ve posted new material.  Feel free to leave comments as well.  I’m all about sharing stories and inspiration.

Now just sit back, relax, and enjoy the blog – but afterwards get off your butt and be a healthier you!

Aim High,





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