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Looking for a quaint race close to Disney? Look no further!

Another town, another race.  It seems that everywhere you look these days a new Half Marathon springs up, which isn’t surprising given the increase in running popularity.  Forget making the cheerleading squad or football team.  These days, all the cool … Continue reading

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Narragansett Half Marathon- Easton, MA

I, for one, hate the heat so when it comes to summer running I prefer to log my miles on the “dreadmill” where I can stay (somewhat) cool. I ran my first summer (ok, late Spring) half marathon in Gloucester, … Continue reading

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Motivation- the fuel for your fitness

What motivates you to exercise and eat right? I have two reasons: to look smokin’ hot for bikini season and run a faster half marathon. Let’s start with the bikini.  Yes, I agree, this reasoning does come across as a … Continue reading

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“Must Tread List” – Races I must run before my legs collapse

I’ve figured out my ultimate dream job.  It is hands down the number one method I would like to make money, or at the very least, it’s a way to drive the expenses of my costly hobby.  I would like … Continue reading

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